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The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc. ("NRC") works hard to expand rail construction and maintenance business opportunities, protect rail contractors from intrusive government regulation, and improve railroad construction safety and operations. It is time to support the only organization specifically working to achieve these goals for the private railroad contractor.

Membership Types:

Contractor (C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5): Companies active in the industrial track, railroad, and transit construction field, including maintenance of way, bridges, signal, welding, grinding, equipment leasing, etc.

Contractor Membership Breakdown:
Annual Revenues
NRC Dues
C-1 $0-$2 million
C-2 $2-$10 million
C-3 $10-$20 million
C-4 $20-$100 million
C-5 Over $100 million

Affiliate: Companies that are partially or completely owned by an NRC member company.

Associate: Companies that provide services to the construction industry but no materials or labor (i.e., architects, insurance brokers, law firms, etc.)

Supplier: Companies that supply materials to contractors, shop or job site, but provide no onsite labor.
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