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FTA Cost Categories

Standard Cost Categories

In 2005 FTA implemented the Standard Cost Categories, to establish a consistent format for the reporting, estimating, and managing of capital costs for New Starts projects. The cost information gathered from projects across the country has been developed into a database (the Capital Cost Database), a cost estimating resource useful to FTA and the transit industry alike. The SCC Workbook is a project management tool — project-based as opposed to grant-based.

Over the life of a project, the consistent format should make it easier to track, evaluate and control cost changes.  The reporting instructions for New Starts and Small Starts projects specify the milestones at which project sponsors must submit SCC workbooks to FTA.

Click here for the FTA's Standard Cost Categories (SCC) for Capital Projects page

Download a copy of the SCC Workbook for New Starts Projects

Download a copy of the SCC Workbook for Small Starts Projects (Excel)

Capital Cost Database

The Capital Cost Database is a Microsoft Access database of as-built costs for 35, federally-funded, Light Rail and Heavy Rail projects. The projects’ costs are tracked in FTA’s Standard Cost Categories (SCC) and the project costs have been validated by the project sponsors.

The database is intended for two primary uses:

  1. Performing historical cost analysis, and
  2. Developing “order-of-magnitude” cost estimates for conceptual transit projects.
For more information and to download the database from the FTA site, click here: