Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) Training

NRC RWP Training Program

To access the NRC's RWP training program, complete with an FRA presentation containing all of the pertinent Roadway Worker Protection regulation details, an RWP examination, and training completion card, please log into the "members only" section of the website here and click on "NRC RWP Documents."

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All NRC member companies have free access to this program. Companies should administer the exam, determine their own passing score and then print out certification cards for each employee that passes the exam. RWP training is necessary once per calendar year.

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Note: While RWP training is mandated by federal regulation, the implementation and oversight of RWP training is handled by each railroad in its own manner. This NRC RWP training is considered generic RWP instruction - it does not include the necessary site-specific and on-the-spot training required by the railroads.

According to the FRA, contractor employees receiving generic instruction in the RWP regulation is desirable, however, FRA expects that railroads will require their contractors to adopt the on-track safety rules of the railroad upon which the contractor is working. If a contractor shows up at a railroad with a training certification card from a generic RWP course, such training generally does not provide the specific elements that the contractor employee needs to know about a particular railroad's on-track safety procedures. Since not every railroad uses the exact same rules and procedures, it is not possible for a generic RWP training course to provide knowledge on all the procedures used throughout the country.

Accordingly, contractors must contact a carrier before beginning work to determine how the railroad's specific training is to be accomplished. The regulation allows contractors to conduct their own training, but it must be understood that such training for the basic worker must have the railroad-specific elements under Sec. 214.345 ( ).

Contractors must work with their railroad customers to work out the methodology for how contractor employees are to receive their specific training from property to property. This could be in the form of basic Sec. 214.343 ( ) on-the-spot training by a railroad representative or contractors conducting their own training of individual railroad rules. However, it is incumbent on the railroads and contractors to work out these details, and contractor training must mirror the individual railroad's on-track safety rules.

The FRA expects that railroads will require their contractors to adopt the on-track safety rules of the railroad upon which the contractor is working, and the FRA expects contractors to comply with programs established by the railroads on which they are working.


Roadway Worker Protection Guidelines from the FRA

FRA RWP Brochure

FRA RWP Life Tips

FRA RWP General Overview

FRA Guide to Contractor Responsibilities re: RWP

FAQs re: RWP Training and Railroad Contractors

RWP Final Rule - Federal Register - December 16, 1996

Official RWP Rule - US Code Title 49, Chapter 2, Part 214, Subpart C

Part 214.301 through 214.355 is the full Roadway Worker Protection regulation.

Click here to search the Government Printing Office (GPO) website for specific sections of the RWP regulation:

214.301 Purpose and scope.
214.302 Information collection requirements.
214.303 Railroad on-track safety programs, generally.
214.305 Compliance dates.
214.307 Review and approval of individual on-track safety programs by FRA.
214.309 On-track safety program documents.
214.311 Responsibility of employers.
214.313 Responsibility of individual roadway workers.
214.315 Supervision and communication.
214.317 On-track safety procedures, generally.
214.319 Working limits, generally.
214.321 Exclusive track occupancy.
214.323 Foul time.
214.325 Train coordination.
214.327 Inaccessible track.
214.329 Train approach warning provided by watchmen/lookouts.
214.331 Definite train location.
214.333 Informational line-ups of trains.
214.335 On-track safety procedures for roadway work groups.
214.337 On-track safety procedures for lone workers.
214.339 Audible warning from trains.
214.341 Roadway maintenance machines.
214.343 Training and qualification, general.
214.345 Training for all roadway workers.
214.347 Training and qualification for lone workers.
214.349 Training and qualification of watchmen/lookouts.
214.351 Training and qualification of flagmen.
214.353 Training and qualification of roadway workers who provide on-track safety for roadway work groups.
214.355 Training and qualification in on-track safety for operators of roadway maintenance machines.

FRA RWP Proposed Miscellaneous Revisions - August 20, 2012

Roadway Worker Protection Guidelines from the Class I Railroads

Roadway Worker Protection Guidelines from the State of California