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Safety Videos

The NRC Safety Committee, led by the efforts of John Zuspan of Track Guy Consultants and Stanley Beaver of Balfour Beatty Rail, has produced twenty-four separate Safety Training Videos for Railroad Contractors.

The videos are now available online for current NRC Members, please log in for access.

The video series is listed below:

  1. Safety with Railroad Hand Tools
  2. Safety with Railroad Power Tools
  3. Safety on Freight and Industrial Track
  4. Safety Around Railway Maintenance Equipment, Part 1
  5. Safety Around Railway Maintenance Equipment, Part 2
  6. Safety Around Transit Track
  7. Safety While Unloading Material
  8. Safety Around Hot Work
  9. Safety Around Thermal Adjusting CWR
  10. Safety Around Field Welds
  11. Safety on a Tie Gang
  12. Safety on a Rail Gang
  13. Safety Around Flash Butt Welding
  14. Fall Protection in the Rail Industry
  15. Building a Turnout and Special Trackwork
  16. Safety Around Handling CWR (New)
  17. Safety Around Replacing Grade Crossings Part 1 (Preparation)
  18. Safety Around Replacing Grade Crossings Part 2 (Execution)
  19. The Job Briefing
  20. 10 Years of NRC Safety Videos - a Highlight Reel and Summary
  21. Safety Around Hi-Rail Trucks
  22. Safety with Defensive Driving
  23. Fatigue
  24. Recognizing Signs & Symptoms

These videos are complimentary to members of the NRC. If you are an NRC member and don't have a copy, contact the office by calling 202.715.1264 or emailing Or view the videos online via the Products menu after logging in to you account.

If you are not yet a member, call 202.715.1264 or go to to join and get a copy of the free videos.