The Voice of the Railroad Construction Industry


NRC Executive Committee

  • Mike Choat - Chairman - Wabtec

  • Jim Hansen - Vice Chairman - Herzog Railroad Services

  • Steve Bolte Secretary/Treasurer - Danella

  • Chris Daloisio - Past Chairman - Railroad Constructors

NRC Safety Committee

NRC’s members are committed to safe practices and operations for rail construction and maintenance work. The Safety Committee works to educate and assist members with their safety needs. This effort includes the production of the NRC Safety Training DVDs and the NRC safety handbooks and manuals. The NRC also offers a range of safety training courses to its members, including RWP training and a series of weekly Tool Box Talks. In addition, the Committee updates NRC members on current events affecting safety. The NRC is a member of the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC). RSAC was established by the FRA in 1996 to develop new regulatory standards, through a collaborative process, with all segments of the rail community working together to fashion mutually satisfactory solutions on safety and regulatory issues.
  • Darwin Isdahl, Loram Maintenance of Way (Chairman)
  • Greg Coleman, RailWorks (Vice Chairman)
  • Trey Rowe, Herzog Railroad Services (Past Chairman)
  • David Armstrong, Commercial Insurance Associates
  • Peter Bartek, Protran Technology
  • Stanley Beaver, Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Steven Bevills, RailWorks Corp.
  • Sally Boven, Reflective Apparel Factory
  • Mike DeLance, Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
  • Joe Dixon III, NESCO
  • Chip Frazier, HDR Engineering
  • Carmen Garozzo, Bergmann Associates
  • Darwin Isdahl, Loram Maintenance of Way
  • Pete Kane, Herzog Transit Services
  • Chris Kramer, Railroad Construction Co. of South Jersey/RCC
  • Jake Lowney, Granite Construction
  • Barry McGauley, Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Alan Montoria, RCL/Wabtec
  • Katie Nance, Stacy & Witbeck
  • Ryan Nero, Kenny Construction Co.
  • Trent Newton, Herzog Contracting Corp.
  • Ernesto Scarpitti, Delta Railroad Construction
  • Kevin Sheys, Nossaman LLP
  • Brook Smith, HD Machines
  • Leanne Stegman, Moran Environmental Recovery
  • Jeff Stone, Georgetown Rail Equipment Co.
  • David Wright, Holland LP
  • Victor Young, Harsco Rail
  • John Zuspan, Track Guy Consultants

NRC Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works all year long to identify and recruit companies in the industry for NRC membership which plays a vital role in increasing and maintaining NRC Membership.  Along with NRC’s Washington DC Staff, the Membership Committee’s recruitment efforts are responsible for the steady success and growth of the NRC over the past decade. 
  • Jody Sims, Stacy and Witbeck - Chair
  • David Armstrong, Commercial Insurance Associates
  • Steve Bolte, Danella
  • Kevin Brons, Commercial Insurance Associates
  • Danny Brown, CTE Rail
  • Mike Choat, Wabtec
  • Nick Delmonico, Encore Rail Systems
  • Zach Hansen, Vossloh
  • Bob Hirte, Hamilton Construciton
  • Dave Landreth, Kiewit
  • Scott Norman, Herzog Contracting Corporation
  • Dave Stein, Holland Company

NRC Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of NRC finances and investments.
  • Steve Bolte, Danella - Chair
  • Mike Choat, Wabtec
  • Chris Daloisio, Railroad Constructors
  • Joe Daloisio, Railroad Construction Co., Inc. 
  • Jim Hansen, Herzog Railroad Services

NRC Scholarship Committee

The NRC Scholarship Committee is responsible for setting the criteria for and evaluating NRC Scholarship applications. NRC Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each school year.
  • Joe Daloisio, Railroad Construction Co. - Chair
  • Allen Branham, Harsco
  • Steve Bolte, Danella
  • Jerry Darnaby, Truss LLC
  • Zach Hansen, Vossloh
  • Bill Hjelholt, HDR
  • Daniel Stout, STX Railroad Construction Services
  • Mischa Wanek-Libman, Mass Transit

NRC Education Committee

The NRC Education Committee is responsible for setting the criteria for and evaluating NRC Education Grant Program applications. The purpose of this grant is to positively impact the future of the railroad and railroad construction and maintenance industry by supporting an institution’s students, education and research efforts. NRC Education Grants are awarded in June each year. The NRC Education Committee holds educational industry webinars a couple of times a year for NRC members. 
  • Dave Bergstrom, Ragnar Benson
  • Tim Bryan, NESCO Rentals
  • Joe Daloisio, Railroad Construction Co., Inc.
  • Marc Hackett, Loram Maintenance of Way
  • Daniel Stout, STX Construction
  • Brett Urquhart, Vossloh

NRC Transit Committee

The Transit Committee works to ensure transit agencies in the United States understand the benefit of using contractors and the quality of the work preformed by the rail construction and maintenance contracting industry.
  • Marc Hackett, Loram Maintenance of Way - Co-Chair
  • Larry Laurello, Delta Railroad Conatruction - Co-Chair
  • Chris Daloisio, Railroad Constructors
  • Joe Daloisio, Railroad Conastruction Co.
  • Rick Ebersold, Herzog Services
  • Jim Hansen, Herzog Railroad Services
  • Nathan Henderson, R.J. Corman Railroad Group
  • Scott Norman, Herzog Contracting Group
  • Jody Sims, Stacy and Witbeck

NRC/RTOA Labor Committee

The Labor Relations Committee is responsible for the administration of the Rail Transportation and Operation Agreement (RTOA). The RTOA has been negotiated by NRC members on behalf of those NRC contractor members who are signatory to the agreement with the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA Local #773) and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE Local #150). The RTOA is a service available to NRC members who are looking for a high-quality labor agreement that will allow them to perform rail construction and maintenance-of-way work productively and efficiently.
  • Mark Brown, RailWorks Corporation - Chair
  • Jim Daloisio, Railroad Construction Company of South Jersey
  • Larry Laurello, Delta Railroad Construction
  • Linda Laurello, Delta Railroad Construction

NRC Auction Committee:

The Auction Committee organizes, promotes and executes the NRC’s annual construction and maintenance equipment auction. The auction provides an opportunity for NRC members to buy and sell quality used rail construction equipment. A portion of the proceeds from the auction are used to fund the NRC’s Safety, Training and Education Programs, including the ongoing safety training DVD series.
  • Danny Brown, CTE Rail - Chair
  • Deric Berry, Herzog Contracting
  • Thomas Blackmon, Blackmon Auctions
  • Daniel Daugherty, Progress Rail Services
  • Mark Gaffney, Stacy and Witbeck
  • Jay Gowan, RailWorks
  • Matt Harbison, Continental Railworks
  • Paul Laurello, Delta Railroad Construction
  • Mark Snailham, Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Greg Spilker, Progress Rail Equipment Leasing

Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC)

RSAC is a mechanism created to address the need for a more cooperative approach to FRA rulemaking. Officially established in 1996, RSAC is composed of representatives from all facets of the railroad industry, from railroads to labor to industry associations. It is chaired by the FRA Associate Administrator for Safety. NRC is a voting member on RSAC.  Through the RSAC process we help to ensure the creation of effective regulatory regimes that do not impose undue burdens on rail contractors. NRC sits on a number of RSAC Working Groups created to deal with the specifics of certain RSAC tasks.

NRC Marketing Committee 

For the first time in our 41-year history, the NRC is working through the efforts of a dedicated Marketing Committee to drive the Association’s industry presence and ensure its brand is fully reflective of their fundamental commitment to supporting Member Companies.  Directed under the chairmanship of Russ Ghel with Holland, this Committee is responsible for producing a digital and content strategy that ultimately captures organic media and industry interest within the rail construction-maintenance community and beyond. 

  • Russ Gehl, Holland - Chair
  • Kirk Bastyr, Progressive Railroading 
  • Curtis Bilow, Ames Construction 
  • Steve Bolte, Danella
  • Allen Branham, Harsco Rail 
  • George Caric, Stella Jones  
  • Steve Coleman, Pandrol 
  • Amanda Fiorante, Siemens
  • Zach Hansen, Vossloh 
  • Jody Sims, Stacy & Witbeck
  • Mischa Wanek-Libman, Mass Transit
  • Jack Wilson, RailWorks