Our Destination Is

Zero Injuries

  • All incidents are preventable
  • Unwavering commitment to working in compliance and injury free
  • Investment in safety training, resources and recognition

Safety Training Resources

The NRC continually focuses on developing resources to help railway construction and maintenance companies and their employees comply with safety requirements and work accident and injury free. The resources are free to members to access on line after they log in.

Priority Regulations & Best Practices

  • FRA Part 243 Minimum Training Standards – FRA Part 243 requires each railroad or contractor that employs one or more safety-related railroad employee must develop and submit a training program to FRA for approval and to designate the minimum training qualifications for each occupational category of employee.
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    Review training templates (for NRC members only)
  • FRA Part 219 Drug & Alcohol Testing – This regulation covers federal drug and alcohol testing requirements for regulated railroad employees and contractors.
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  • Contractor Safety Guidelines – Safety practices and considerations may differ from property to property. Review the specific guidelines where you perform work.
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Looking for FRA Part 243
Training Templates?

The NRC provides members with 10 FRA-approved training templates that comply with FRA Part 243. They are free to members who log in.

FRA Resources

Link to these Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) resources for for the most current information on safety and related training.

What our members say…

“For the FRA Part 219 and 243 implementation, the NRC was especially helpful for us in that they provide member companies guidance in how to comply with the ever-changing federal regulations. We also value the annual safety awards which we use to motivate our employees to uphold the highest level of safety as well as in business development materials.”

Dave Bergstrom

President, Civil/Rail

Ragnar Benson Construction, LLC.

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