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The following Member Resources are free to all NRC members.

FRA 243 Model Templates

Course ID: NRC M1-6, FRA 213 Track Safety Standards
Course ID: NRC-MR7, Roadway Workplace Safety
Course ID: NRC-M8, Operating Practices
Course ID: NRC-M15, Railroad Communications
Course ID: NRC-M9, Hours of Service
Course ID: NRC-M10, Signal and Train Control Systems
Course ID: NRC-M11, FRA 234 Grade Crossing Safety
Course ID: NRC-M13, Training Components Identified in FRA 236 Rules, Standards and Instructions Concerning the Installation, Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair of Signal and Train Control Systems, Devices and Appliances
Course ID: NR-M14, Bridge Safety Standards

Safety Publications

A series of 101 separate one- to two-page track worker safety documents prepared by industry experts. Topics range from operating on-track equipment to the safe handling of rail anchors to removing, setting and driving spikes.
A guide detailing recommended safe practices for railroad construction workers on the job. Formatted to fit in a shirt-pocket.
A guide detailing recommended safe practices for railroad construction workers on the job. Formatted to fit in a shirt-pocket.

Safety Videos

These NRC safety videos are free to employees of member companies. However, you need a password to access them. Contact the NRC if you need help accessing them.

1. Safety with Railroad Hand Tools
2. Safety with Railroad Power Tools
3. Safety on Freight and Industrial Track
4. Safety Around Railway Maintenance Equipment, Part 1
5. Safety Around Railway Maintenance Equipment, Part 2
6. Safety Around Transit Track
7. Safety While Unloading Material
8. Safety Around Hot Work
9. Safety Around Thermal Adjusting CWR
10. Safety Around Field Welds
11. Safety on a Tie Gang
12. Safety on a Rail Gang
13. Safety Around Flash Butt Welding
14. Fall Protection in the Rail Industry
15. Building a Turnout and Special Trackwork
16. Safety Around Handling CWR (New)
17. Safety Around Replacing Grade Crossings Part 1 (Preparation)
18. Safety Around Replacing Grade Crossings Part 2 (Execution)
19. The Job Briefing
20. 10 Years of NRC Safety Videos - a Highlight Reel and Summary
21. Safety Around Hi-Rail Trucks
22. Safety with Defensive Driving
23. Fatigue
24. Recognizing Signs & Symptoms (online training)
25. Part 243 Safety Standards
26. FRA Part 214 - RWP/Part 243 - Training Standards (Standards for Equipment Operators)
28. Hazards on the Railroad
29. Safety and Mental Health - Fitness for Duty
30. Safety & Social Health - Communication Across Generations

What our members say…

The NRC provides a host of opportunities for railroads, contractors and suppliers to come together. Of course, the Annual Conference is the highlight of the year, but I have found great value in the ongoing educational webinars too. They feature key industry faces and figures to answer questions, tackle tough topics and bring clarity to the many changes happening in Washington.

Erika Bruhnke

Vice President, Training Services


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