Education Grant Program

The NRC's Education Grant Program awards an education grant to a college, university or technical school within the United States with a railway construction, railway engineering or construction management program. It is the only association grant program specific to the rail industry.

The Program was established to positively impact the future of the railroad and railroad construction and maintenance industry and to attract promising young people to the workforce by supporting an institution’s students and its education and research efforts.

The NRC welcomes grant applications from programs that provide or are looking to provide students with a foundation that would allow them to work successfully in the rail construction and maintenance contracting industry.

  1. Award Details - NRC Education grant funds are intended for targeted student educational and research purposes. Grand funds are not to be used for administrative, general fund or institution or program overhead costs.
  2. Eligibility – The grant is eligible to any college, university or technical school that has a program supporting the railroad industry, rail engineering education, construction management, or other related programs.
  3. Applications - The application process is now closed. The following materials are required of all applicants:
    a. A completed Education Grant Program Application. Submission instructions are detailed on the application.
    b. A completed and signed NRC Education Grant Terms and Conditions Form. This form is included in the application pdf.
  • The NRC Education Committee will base its evaluation based on the materials submitted. Any materials submitted past the deadline are not be accepted
  • Submission Instructions and Deadline – The deadline for receiving completed applications will be announ.  Grant application materials can be emailed to, sent via Dropbox or similar program, or mailed to the NRC at 80 M Street, SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.

What our members say…

These events have allowed R. J. Corman team members to interact with the elected officials and to show them our day-to-day operations, facilities, and footprint. They also create an opportunity to discuss industry concerns, the value of good rail policy at the federal level, and the impact on jobs and the economy that different investment efforts have had in their district's transportation and production infrastructure.

Chase Armstrong

Vice President, Commercial Development

R.J. Corman Railroad Group

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