Railway Industry Job Openings

NRC member contractors and suppliers are continually looking for high-caliber, long-term employees with proven skills. Click on the member company names below to learn more about the companies, review jobs, and apply for open positions.

Military personnel have valuable experiences and capabilities that transfer well to railway environments, including proven leadership and management skills, teamwork, a strong safety focus and work ethic, and the ability to perform in dynamic, challenging situations. The NRC and its member companies encourage transitioning and post-military veterans to apply for job openings in the railway industry.  See job openings at the links below.

What our members say…

“Attendance at the NRC annual conference has been invaluable. The updates from the chief engineers at the various railroads give our company insight into what work we can anticipate in the pipeline for the upcoming year. This, along with the strong networking opportunities amongst individuals across the entire railroading community, make this an event that I look forward to year after year.”

Nick Jenks

Regional Sales Manager

Steel Dynamics Sales North America, Inc.

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