Hamilton Construction Project Manager Chad Hummel is known for his strong work ethic, professionalism, and excellence in his service to railroads in the Pacific Northwest.

Hamilton Construction's Chad Hummel Wins NRC Field Employee of the Year

The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association(NRC) has awarded Hamilton Construction Project Manager Chad Hummel with its2022 Field Employee of the Year award.

Chad is exemplary in his role as a project manager and a pivotal leader on Hamilton Construction’s Rail Division, a professional team of rail builders that constructs everything from simple culvert replacements to major structure and moveable bridge projects. He has a well-established reputation among clients and his co-workers for his strong work ethic, professionalism, and excellence in his service to railroads in the Pacific Northwest.

“Expectations are high, and Chad exceeds them on every project he manages,” said Chris VanderPloeg, Hamilton Construction’s rail division operations manager. “Safety is at the top of Chad’s list of priorities. He is not afraid to see it, say it, and fix it. He exemplifies that approach and empowers his crews to follow it as well.”

“Chad’s early and continued communication with employees and subcontractors makes for an optimal work environment,” adds VanderPloeg. “Chad really knows how to build bridges well while understanding the engineeringbehind it. He can efficiently facilitate owner’s meetings, communicate well with engineers and, overall, just get things done.”

BNSF Project Engineer Daniel Ramirez acknowledges that he has high expectations.

“Having Chad as the project manager is a blessing because I know I’m in good hands. He is second to none when it comes to safety. Chad leads byexample and his people respect him. He is an effective communicator and getshis point across. He pays attention to the little things most people wouldn’tand takes pride in his work,” says Ramirez. “I know I’m going to be able to walk away from our project and not have to worry about it for the next 100years. He is a joy to work with and I enjoy visiting the site because of him. Chad delivers and is someone I hope I can continue working with.”

Steven Chase, resident engineer with HNTB, echoes that opinion.

“Chad is all business. He will drop everything he’s doing to address all quality and safety issues. He is someone everyone can count on. He’s a pleasure to work with; his customer service skills are top notch … I hope I can continue working with him on other projects,” adds Chase.

What our members say…

“For the FRA Part 219 and 243 implementation, the NRC was especially helpful for us in that they provide member companies guidance in how to comply with the ever-changing federal regulations. We also value the annual safety awards which we use to motivate our employees to uphold the highest level of safety as well as in business development materials.”

Dave Bergstrom

President, Civil/Rail

Ragnar Benson Construction, LLC.

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