NRC Elects Holland’s Maggie Vuono To Its Board Of Directors

The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) announced today that Holland LP National Sales Manager Maggie Vuono has been named to its Board of Directors.

Vuono is a newly elected board member who will start her three-year term January 1, 2021. She assumes the board position vacated by Scott Norman, vice president of operations with Herzog, when his term expires at the end of 2020. Ms. Vuono will serve as one of 20 board members and joins five other railway industry professionals who have been re-elected to board positions:

  • Steve Bolte, vice president - business development North America, Danella Companies. Bolte also serves as vice chairman for the NRC.
  • George Caric, vice president - marketing, Stella-Jones
  • Dave Ferryman, vice president - sales, EVRAZ
  • Marc Hackett, director - operations, Loram Maintenance of Way
  • Dave Landreth, vice president - construction, Timiny Co. and ACME Construction Co.

“The NRC’s board is made up of diverse group of professionals who have all excelled in the industry,” notes NRC President Ashley Wieland.

“In addition to sharing their expertise, NRC board members roll sleeves and get things done to benefit our membership. I look forward to building a safer and stronger railway construction industry working with this talented board.”

The NRC is a U.S. that advances the mutual interests of railway contractors and suppliers who construct, maintain and supply railroads and rail-transit lines. Founded in 1978, the NRC connects members with other railway industry professionals  legislators and policy makers. Together we work to create a positive business climate and to make railway construction and maintenance safer efficient.

What our members say…

I am really proud to have followed in my father’s footsteps who shaped and engrained in me the importance of the NRC and getting involved. (The NRC) through friendships and dialogue with fellow competitors, relationships with the supply community, and with a vision that private railroad contractors could and would have a seat at the table when it came to building and maintaining our country’s railroad infrastructure … and that we could and would do it safely, efficiently, profitably, and of the highest quality.

Scott Brace

Retiree, 2020 NRC Hall of Fame Inductee

RailWorks Track Systems, Inc.

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