NRC Hires TGA AMS for Govt. Affairs, Assn. Mgt. Services

The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC), the rail industry’s premier construction and maintenance organization, is pleased to announce the hiring of TGA Association Management Solutions, LLC (TGA AMS) for government affairs and association management services.

Matt Ginsberg, President, TGA AMS

The NRC Executive Committee is thrilled to have TGA AMS President Matt Ginsberg return to the organization. Matt previously worked with the association in many roles, including operations, conference planning, and regulatory and government affairs.

“Matt Ginsberg knows our industry inside and out, and the NRC was fortunate to grow under his leadership when he served our association some years ago,” Chairman Mike Choat, of Wabtec, said in a statement following an announcement to the NRC membership. “Your Board of Directors is always thinking about what is best for our member companies, and we are confident that our recent decisions are in the best interest of the association.”

“I’m excited to work with the NRC again and look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come,” Matt Ginsberg said of the decision.

What our members say…

"As a new member to the NRC, I have found the regulatory updates particularly helpful. Also, the annual conference was well organized, very informative and a great place to network."

Roger L. McBride

Executive Vice President

Ames Construction

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