NRC Issues Statement on INVEST in America Act Markup

The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) released the following statement in response to the markup of the INVEST in America Act.

The NRC is encouraged that the House T&I Committee reintroduced and marked up its visionary and transformative INVEST in America Act. The lack of a multi-year surface transportation reauthorization bill upon the expiration of the current extension would create long-term challenges for all transportation stakeholders and hinder efficiencies.

While the NRC is pleased to see the INVEST in America Act significantly increase funding for CRISI grants and for commuter and passenger rail that would help the growth and efficiency of the nation’s rail network, the bill is a missed opportunity. It includes numerous unnecessary regulatory and labor provisions that are problematic for railroads and rail contractors.

As the INVEST in America Act moves forward, the NRC encourages the House to proceed in a more bipartisan fashion like the Senate has engaged in on the other side of the Capitol. In addition, the NRC welcomes the continued discussions surrounding robust infrastructure investment and we implore both chambers and the White House to work collaboratively to achieve an end product that all stakeholders can support.  

The NRC’s legislative team and Policy and Legislative Committee (PLC) are actively engaged on the bill and look forward to working with Congress on improving the legislation as it moves to the House floor.

What our members say…

As Chair of the new NRC Policy and Legislative Committee, I see opportunities for us to make a greater impact on the future. Our committee is exploring new ways to participate while further examining issues that affect our member companies. We realize not everyone can attend events, such as Railroad Day, so will be offering other opportunities for employees of our member companies to get involved.

Curtis Bilow

Vice President, Business Development

Ames Construction Co.

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