Railway Industry Leader Steve Bolte To Serve as NRC Chairman

The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) has named longtime industry leader Steve Bolte as the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. The NRC installed Bolte as chairman at the conclusion of its annual conference in Phoenix, on January 8, 2022.

Bolte, who was first elected to the NRC Board of Directors in 2015, will serve a two-year term as Board Chairman of the association comprised of railway industry contractors and suppliers. He brings more than 40 years of railway industry experience to this leadership post. He currently serves as vice president of Business Development North America for Danella Companies. Prior to that he worked in business development with Harsco Rail and as publisher of Progressive Railroading magazine.

NRC President Ashley Wieland acknowledged the leadership and significant contributions of outgoing NRC Chairman Jim Hansen, chief commercial officer with Herzog, during the NRC 2022 conference. She also thanked outgoing NRC Board members Chris Daloisio, executive vice president with Railroad Constructors/JJD Electric LLC., and Daniel Stout, vice president with STX Railroad Construction Services.

The NRC is a U.S. trade association that advances the mutual interests of railway contractors and suppliers who construct, maintain and supply freight railroads and rail-transit and passenger lines. Founded in 1978, the NRC connects members with other railway industry professionals and government officials and policymakers. The NRC collaborates with its members, government, and industry leaders to create a positive business climate and to make railway construction and maintenance safer and more efficient.

What our members say…

"Walking the halls of Congress and meeting with members of the Senate and House of Representatives on behalf of our industry is a true privilege. Railroad Day on the Hill has enabled me to build valuable relationships and discuss important rail legislation and pending regulatory issues affecting our industry."

James R. Hansen

Chief Commerical Officer


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