Scholarship Program

New in 2023: The NRC expanded its scholarship program to include the following two changes:

  1. Employees of NRC member companies are now eligible to apply for NRC scholarships. This expansion means that the NRC Scholarship Program is open to employees of member companies, their children and grandchildren.
  2. The NRC has added one scholarship for trade school students. This addition means the program will offer a total of four scholarships: one trade-school scholarship and three undergraduate scholarships.

The NRC awards scholarships each year to provide higher-education and trade-school tuition assistance for children or grandchildren of employees of NRC member companies. The scholarships were established by NRC members to honor the memory of two former NRC members –Vinnie Vaccarello (Co-President of All Railroad Services Corp.) and Patsy Crisafi (Executive Vice President of Roadway Worker Training, Inc.) – who were killed in a small plane crash. Since 2013, the NRC has awarded more than $150,000 in scholarships to eligible students.

Award Details - Scholarship funds in the following amounts are sent directly to the student winners at the beginning of the next term of study:

Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • First-place award of $12,000
  • Second-place award of $6,000
  • Third place award of $3,000

Trade-School Scholarship

  • One $3,500 scholarship for a trade-school student

Eligibility - Applicants must meet these qualifications to be eligible for the scholarships:

  • Be a full-time employee of an NRC member company (new this year) or a daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson of a current employee of an NRC member company.
  • Be enrolled at the time of application as a full-time college student at an accredited two-year college offering an associate’s degree or an accredited four-year college or university offering a bachelor’s degree or a trade school, or a recent high school graduate enrolling at one of the institutions mentioned above.
  • Must be enrolled at a qualified school for a full year following receipt of the award.
  • Previous NRC Scholarship winners are eligible to apply for a scholarship if they still meet the requirements noted above.

Applications – Applicants should review all materials before submitting applications. Any application deemed incomplete will not be graded or considered eligible for an award.

Deadline – August 31, 2024

What our members say…

Being a recipient of a NRC Scholarship enabled me to work fewer hours each week and spend more time at a variety of clubs and organizations that I had previously omitted from my schedule due to work. I was then able to fully serve in student government and lead and serve on multiple committees. The scholarship also gave me the opportunity to study abroad. I am so thankful for NRC's generosity and appreciate the recognition.

Albert Hotzel


Kansas State University

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