The Voice of the Railroad Construction Industry

Legislation & Policy

The NRC works on its Members' behalf to promote policy that is beneficial to the railroad construction-maintenance industry.  There are several policy topics of importance to NRC Members, and we also work with several different policy-making bodies to promote beneficial rail construction regulation and policy.

Rail Safety and Advisory Committee - RSAC

RSAC is a mechanism created to address the need for a more cooperative approach to FRA rulemaking.  Officially established in 1996, RSAC is composed of representatives from all facets of the railroad industry - from railroads, to labor, to industry associations.  It is chaired by the FRA Associate Administrator for Safety.  Thee NRC is a voting member of RSAC, and through this process, we help to ensure the creation of effective regulatory regimes that do not impose undue burdens on rail contractors and related opportunities.  The NRC sits on a number of RSAC Working Groups created to deal with the specifics of certain RSAC tasks.

Federal Railroad Administration & Federal Transit Administration Safety Avisories

Follow the most recent FRA & FTA industry-relevant safety advisories.

Federal Railroad Administration & Federal Transit Administration Safety Regulations

Here is a list of FRA Final Rules on FRA site.

These final rules of particular note to NRC Members:

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Rail industry and track construction regulations listed in the CFR.


OSHA Forms & Resources